The Colbert Report

Beginning with the premiere of The Colbert Report in 2005, I was responsible for maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity across multiple digital distribution platforms. I was also part of collaborative teams which created award-winning online exclusive content. I developed and managed and an internal design team of roughly eight people (some of which were dedicated exclusively to The Colbert Report), and helped hire and manage vendors working on related projects.

The Colbert Report Website

Though it went through several incarnations, in its longest-lived form was a robust portal into the entire video archive of the show as well as home base for the most dedicated fan base in all of television. It was usually the first stop when Stephen issued challenges, and a great location to dig deep into the universe of Stephen Colbert’s persona.

The Colbert Report Mobile and Tablet Sites was experienced differently across platforms. Distribution agreements limited what content was available on certain platforms, so we needed to find unique ways of packaging and sharing our content in a satisfying and comprehensive manner. The Colbert Nation mobile and tablet sites achieved that in an elegant interface well suited for the nature of the experience.

The WØRD for iPad

This iPad app provided the user a deep dive into The Colbert Report’s daily segment, The WØRD. I was responsible for branding and interface design.

The WØRD for iPhone

This iPhone app provided the user a deep dive into The Colbert Report’s daily segment, The WØRD. I was responsible for branding and interface design.

The Colbert Report Vancouverage 2010

During Stephen Colbert’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics (dubbed “Skate Expectations,” or “Vancouverage”), Verizon Wireless made possible a host of online exclusive features. We needed to provide a rich, branded experience which we did using only screen captures (without ever having an official asset package).

The Colbert Report Interview Simulator

Coke Zero wanted to bring Colbert Fans an experience which (like Coke Zero) was close to the real thing. I was part of a creative team which delivered “The Colbert Report Interview Simulator,” an experience developed by OddCast in which users could appear in an interview with Stephen Colbert by uploading a photo of themselves and even recording their own answers to questions via telephone. Fans could share their interviews with Stephen via social media, encouraging fiends to make their own. I was responsible for all facets of visual design for the project.

Eagles Nest Interactive Tour

Sketches and prototpye for an experience to explore and dive deep into the many objectas in Stephen Colbert’s “Shelves of Honor” and the Colbert Report set.

Better Know a District

Sketches and a prototype for an expansive tool to let viewers to explore and participate in Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District.”